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Mulu National Park lies what is globally regarded as a centre for mega diversity hot spot in the island of Borneo. Not surprisingly, this attracts not only foreign tourists but also scientists and conservationists interest in seeing our great rainforest, caves, mountains and rivers for themselves.
This web site is intended primarily for the interested people, particularly tourists and students. It covers what are the tours you can choose from, and what kind of plants and animals which you are expected to see. While animals are more difficult to be seen, plants can be easily recognised on the trail. This web site also includes cities tours and special interests tours which completes what you go hiking and or go shopping, relaxing or adventure, island swimming or camping, etc.
I hope this web site makes us more aware of the nature beauty and great biodiversity Mulu is blest with and also not to forget what cities can offer.
And thank you for enquiry regarding your tour at Mulu, one of our country's top ecotourism destinations and other tours of interest.
Yours truly,
(owner of Borneo Touch Ecotour Sdn Bhd)





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